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Stockpile Management

MacKellar EPSA have a long history of stockpile management and an impeccable safety and production record to match. We work with our clients to achieve the optimum level of service required to meet the demands of road and rail freight logistics.

The costs that can be incurred when production targets are not in sync with rail or road haulage are significant and through our extensive expertise and knowhow, can be negated. Efficiency gains related to dozer push methods and stockpile profile can directly affect material flow costs. It is these costs that we strive to reduce on behalf of our clients, while maintaining best practice industry standards.

Our maintenance of all equipment is to the highest standard, with all machines specified to the highest standard of safety and productivity.

We offer a complete suite of stockpile services, including:

  • Stockpile pad building and maintenance
  • Dust suppression
  • Dozer push operation
  • Machine maintenance and scheduling
  • Multi product movement scheduling/blending
  • Stockpile assessment to prevent spontaneous combustion
  • Train loading
  • Flexible coordination and management of all of the above
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