Our Services

Civil Earthmoving

Linear Works

We have become the best-practice reference within the industry for this type of linear work due to our careful planning, accurate topographic control and faultless execution.
Our broad experience in this field ranges from motorways, highways, roads, paths and service roads to high-speed railways.

From drilling and blasting operations, loading and haulage of materials, to grading, on-site stabilizing and even materials processing.

Hydraulic Works

Our clients choose us to carry out the earthmoving in these projects because such works require a deep knowledge and appropriate selection and handling of materials. We have built up this experience having completed a wide variety of hydraulic infrastructure, such as hydraulic earth dams and irrigation canals.
MacKellar EPSA are proud of the expertise gained by our professionals throughout 50 years.

Surface Works

Our professionals and machinery are perfectly suited to surface projects which demand both significant capacity and coordination between work teams.

We have carried out every kind of levelling work, from airports, residential developments, industrial parks, solar farms and landfill sites to one-off projects such as theme parks, golf courses and ski resorts.
The quality of the work, commitment to clients and compliance with the project milestones ensures that we always deliver where deadlines are tight.

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