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MacKellar EPSA Pty Ltd was formed in Australia in 2012 from two like-minded long term companies who could see that the combined strengths of both could deliver effective equipment solutions to the mining and civil industries.  With MacKellar Mining’s long history in Australian mining and civil earthwork projects and EPSA’s expertise in international large scale projects, our company now  is able to offer a comprehensive skill base of people and machines to our clients.

MacKellar Mining - began with its founder Alastair MacKellar in 1972 and has grown to now have over 40 years’ experience in the Australian mining and civil industries.  The company has earned an enviable reputation for being able to supply and maintain mobile equipment in a tough, uncompromising and competitive contracting market.  MacKellar Mining has placed great value on delivering a quality service by ensuring the equipment is maintained to the highest standard possible by a loyal and motivated team of maintenance specialists. This ensured customers benefit from maximum availability and minimum disruptions to production schedules.  MacKellar Mining’s long term ongoing partnerships with large mining corporations have been a testimony to their successful ongoing operations.

Alastair MacKellar in 1951 as a 17 year old apprentice – This photo shows the delivery of a new Caterpillar D8 through the South Australian Tractor Company who was the Caterpillar dealer at that time.


EPSA Group – The company’s founder began with the purchase of his first machine, an agricultural tractor in 1962.  From these humble beginnings in Spain, EPSA grew to be a large national company with civil earthworks such as highways, Madrid Airport and Spain’s high-speed railway corridor and also starting its first open-pit mining in Asturias, Spain. EPSA then expanded throughout many South American countries and by 1990 was employing over 3,500 people.  EPSA have been involved with some of the world’s largest infrastructure and mining projects and bring a wealth of experience and capability to the MacKellar EPSA team.

EPSA's first tractor in 1962